New Beginnings

As a transplant to North Carolina in 2009, I had no idea what to expect from the area, the people or the overall vibe. Yes, my wife and I have visited a few times but you never get a true feel for your new home until you have settled in for a few months.

One of my first memories was trying out the local restaurants and how refreshing it was to not see Bud Light or Bud Heavy everywhere. It was the cusp of the craft beer explosion and it was beautiful. In Kentucky, we were not well versed in local beer and just bourbon. Not that I am complaining, but it was a new world for me.

One of my first local beers was the Rufus Reserve by Triangle Brewing.

They had the stout on draft at my local Tyler’s Taproom. I immediately felt right at home. It was the first of many of their brews for me and I will always remember their

As the story goes, the local pioneers went out of business in 2016. But in their short run, they set the stage for many more great local breweries.

In honor of them, we are going to start a new blog on the old domain. We will keep their beers list published as an nod to the past. We plan to visit and document each of the current Triangle breweries this fall and into 2019. Sorry to disappoint if you thought they might be coming back but I hope you follow our journey and make recommendations on brews to test out.

Cheers to the innovators of the past and to the future.