About Us

Triangle Brewing Co. was conceived over ten years ago in Connecticut, by Andy and Rick, as a pipe dream they hoped to one day achieve. The two men went their separate ways and assiduously conducted market research up and down the East Coast. It was a pilgrimage littered with illegible notes on cocktail napkins and disgruntled wives. Andy and Rick finally reunited in Durham and from modest beginnings, grew into one of the Triangle’s most successful independent brewers, with taps featured in well over a hundred North Carolina bars, ranging from the mountains to the coastal plains.

On our opening day, we were graced by the city of Durham with a spectacular show of fireworks. And to this day, whenever our anniversary comes around, without fail, they always do another fireworks display. We’re humbled and awed by the experience each time, and we’d like to invite you all to join us next July 4th when our anniversary comes again.

Here at Triangle Brewery, we construct our legacy upon the rich tradition of dedicated brewers who produce well-balanced and full-flavored Belgian and American-style ales. We use only the finest hops and barley malt and the only preservatives we need are our healthy portions of hops. Our history book is open-ended and we hope you’ll help us continue to write the many chapters to come.