Short Version:
Triangle Brewing Company is closing and is having one last Brewery Event on April 30th. Beer will be pouring to enjoy onsite and beer to go will be sold for the very last time at discounted prices. At the brewery, NOT the closed Main St tap room. On April 30th from 4pm until the beer runs out.

Long Version:
It is with deep sadness that we announce that at the end of this month (April 2016), after nearly nine years of calling the Bull City home, Triangle Brewing Company will close its’ doors for good.

We began in the earlier days of the craft beer boom that we are all still witness to today. At a time when names like Highland Brewing, Red Oak, and Carolina Brewing Company were far from household names, when Top of The Hill, Carolina Brewery, and Front Street Brewing were local curiosities, and Sierra Nevada and Samuel Adams were the alpha and omega of craft as far as most people were concerned.

In the aftermath of Pop The Cap and the birth of the locavore movement we found ourselves blessed with a perfect storm of circumstance and we landed with a bang, selling beer as fast as our Co-Founders and childhood friends Rick “da brewer” Tufts and Andy “da bloke” Miller could make it.

At moments like this the urge to romanticize and spin stories is all too easy, but there are no tales we could tell that would equal those created by our many fans as they enjoyed one of the over four million beers it has been our pleasure to provide.

We can never say thank you enough so we hope you’ll settle for hearing it just this once, Thank You. While we always brewed for us we never once lost sight of the fact that we were only able to do so because there were a great many people that agreed with us about what it meant to brew great beer.

So rather than sing songs of friendships forged and memories made we instead want to take this opportunity to invite you all for one more round. On Saturday, April 30th we will send this dream out in style. The breweries doors will open at 4pm and stay open until the last drop of beer is gone. We hope that you will all join us for one more “Golden Moment”, and accept our sincere and never ending gratitude for helping us live our dream while allowing us to be a part of your lives. We look forward to seeing you all then.

The Triangle Family